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    Mass Timber, Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT), Timber-Frame / Post and Beam

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    IV-A, IV-B, IV-C, IV-HT

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Michael Sykes discovered the heat energy-storing properties of Southern Yellow Pine mass timber and was granted two US Patents on the technology. In developing the process he isolated and named the recurring unit in his calculations: Enertia® - Energy from a shift-in-time, now listed in college Environmental Science textbooks as a new clean form of energy. Starting in the 1980's he started designing and building mass timber solar houses of dense Southern Yellow Pine that self-heated even in northern climates without a furnace, as Enertia Building Systems Inc. He is credited with the first "new application” for wood in recent history: day/night energy storage. A positive environmental one at that, one that could double the use of wood in buildings.



In 1999 one Enertia® building in Guilford County North Carolina was named the "most innovative structure of the century" by the AWPA. In 2007 his invention, and his houses, were the Grand Prize winner of the US Patent office Invent Now Challenge to find America's most significant invention. He received the award from Steve Wozniak, co-inventor of the personal computer. His mass timber technology was featured in TIME magazine and his mass timber buildings were declared a Modern Marvel by the History Channel, and featured in the TV show in May 2007. Enertia® does mass timber energy consulting and can license his technology by designing a group of pre-fab models for a particular climate zone, often using the local species which can be injected with phase-change resin.