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  • Services offered

    Architect, General Contractor, Installer, Developer, Owner, Designer

  • Has Experience with these buildings:

    Assembly (Worship, Restaurant, Theater), Business (Office), Factory/Industrial (warehouse, storage, parking, etc.), Hotel/Motel, Mercantile (Retail), Mixed-Use, Multi-Family (Apartments, Condos), Custom Innovative Residential

  • Has Experience with these materials:

    Mass Timber, Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT or glulam), Timber-Frame / Post and Beam, Hybrid (wood with steel or concrete), Light-Frame, Lumber, Wood structural panels, Coatings, Fasteners / Hardware

  • Has Experience with construction types:

    III-A, V-A, V-B

Individuals Who Work Here:
We recently completed the first Multifamily Mass-Timber project in Southern California.


Visit our website here for more information about our company, our mission and our services. 


We are setting a new standard for housing.

At SuperLA® we believe you shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to settling down. We are ending the era of anti-human white-box homes, by designing and buildings homes that prioritize the occupant and their well-being, while also reducing the carbon footprint of our industry. 

As a licensed Architecture firm and General Contractor, we self-perform design and build projects that we own and operate. All of our projects follow our "Optimize, Productize and Panelize" delivery method (SuperOS™) where as the vertically integrated project architect, builder and developer (Optimize), we repeat home types across multiple projects (Productize) and prefabricate every home and building as a kit of parts (Panelize).

As we wrap up construction on the first Multifamily Mass-Timber project in Southern California, we are opening up our services to other owners, developers, operators, architects and builders. As a vertically integrated design-build firm, we can take your project from inception, through design, permitting, construction, leasing/sales, and operation, all under one roof.

As your project partner, you can choose to use our home types as building blocks, or we can design a custom housing product using the same Optimize, Productize and Panelize delivery method we apply to all of our projects.
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