320 & 360 Wythe Avenue

Brooklyn, NY

Located in Williamsburg and the brainchild of design and development firm Flank, 320 and 360 Wythe Avenue are the first “brick and beam” buildings built in New York City in nearly a century. 320 Wythe is a three-story project with 4,660 square feet of ground-level retail and 11,520 square feet of offices on the second and third floors. 360 Wythe is a five-story project with 15,000 square feet of retail at ground level and below, 46,000 square feet of office space on the second and third floors, and residential units above. Both buildings feature NLT floor systems, glulam columns and beams, and brick exteriors.

“Williamsburg is an emerging and enticing alternative to the Meatpacking District and DUMBO. 320 and 360 Wythe will expand the limits of traditional construction and usher in a new era of sustainability-minded building practices.”

* Mick Walsdorf, co-founder of Flank, to NYC real estate magazine, The Real Deal

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Project Details
  • Number Of Stories


  • Bldg system

    Mass Timber

  • Sq. Meters


  • Construction Type:


  • Building Type:

    Business (Office)

  • Material Types:

    Mass Timber
    Nail-Laminated Timber (NLT)
    Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT or glulam)
    Timber-Frame / Post and Beam

Project Team
Version History
  • Project uploaded by WoodWorks on 12-04-2020
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