Membership Details & Eligibility

Membership Details & Eligibility

WIN has eligibility requirements in order to maintain a valuable, unbiased community. Eligible building systems are at the bottom of this page.

Membership types

Company Membership is open to companies who have built or are currently constructing a commercial or multi-family mass timber or innovative light-frame project(s). A company membership gives you access to two employee profiles and unlimited admin accounts. This means that you can create profiles for two of your employees and invite an unlimited number of admins to help you manage your WIN company page. Admins do not count against the two individual profiles included in your company account. WIN admins cannot edit employee/individual profiles, only the company profile.

Company profile pages include:

  • A company logo & custom banner photo
  • Company bio
  • Video
  • Link to your company website
  • Your innovative wood projects
  • Services offered
  • Two employees (2 employees are included in a company account. You can purchase more.)
  • Contact button to receive emails via WIN
  • Stats on how many views your company receives, how many website clicks and how many times people like and save your projects

Individual Membership is open to people who have built or are currently constructing a commercial or multi-family mass timber or innovative light-frame project(s). You may be self-employed or working for a company that will not pay for your WIN membership. If you were part of a company and left, your membership will transition to an individual membership once your company removes you from their company membership. You will have 30 days to access your WIN dashboard and activate your individual membership.

Individual profile pages include the ability to add:

  • A personal photo (no logos allowed)
  • A personal bio including education & experience
  • Contact button to receive emails via WIN
  • Your innovative wood projects
  • Stats on how many people view your profile and your projects, plus how many people like and save them

Community Membership is open to anyone who wants to stay informed on the happenings in the wood industry and has attended at least 5 WoodWorks education courses (online or in-person). Community members can access the forum, be listed and contacted in the directory and are invited to networking events, WoodWorks education, building tours and more.

Member Benefits – Why Join WIN?

WIN is a program of WoodWorks–Wood Products Council. WIN is promoted heavily in the wood industry through education, conferences, and other events. WoodWorks field staff use and showcase WIN to those looking to build with innovative wood materials.

As a result of the following factors, your project portfolio is more likely to be seen by potential clients on WIN than on individual company or personal websites:

  • Excellent SEO and Google rankings: This means that your project portfolio will be easily found when people search for information about innovative wood construction.
  • Exposure to potential clients: WIN has a large audience of people who are interested in innovative wood projects. By joining WIN, you can get your work seen by potential clients who are looking for design teams.
  • Networking opportunities: WIN provides opportunities to network with other professionals in the wood industry. This can help you to learn about new projects and to find collaborators.
  • Education and resources:WIN offers educational resources and events on a variety of topics related to innovative wood construction. This can help you to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and to learn about new techniques.
  • Marketing and promotion: WIN helps you to market and promote your work through its website, social media, and other channels. This can help you to reach a wider audience and to attract new clients.
  • A trusted source of information: WoodWorks and WIN are well-respected by the wood industry and are used by many professionals as a resource for information about this type of work.
Eligible industries

WIN is open to almost anyone in the building and real estate communities. To maintain an unbiased community, we have special rules for Manufacturers or Suppliers. If this is you, email [email protected] to learn more about featuring your company on WIN.

Eligible Building Systems

At this time, WIN is only open to professionals with education and/or experience in mass timber and innovative light-frame building systems.

Mass Timber: Projects eligible for this category include any building with mass timber panels, and buildings with exposed post-and-beam structure only (no panels) provided the wood material is exposed and they are greater than 2,500 square feet.

Innovative Light-Frame: Innovative light-frame projects must meet the following criteria to qualify for WIN:

  • Commercial: Office building, Factory, Warehouse
  • Institutional: Schools/University/K-12/ Government
  • Mixed-use: 5+ stories of wood over podium 
  • Multi-Family/Student Housing/Hotels: 5+ stories of wood

For projects that don't meet the eligibility criteria but still deserve consideration for WIN, please contact our team at [email protected]

Contact [email protected]