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  • Services offerts

    Structural Engineering, Tall Mass Timber Special Inspection, Peer Review, Vibration Analysis

  • A de l'expérience avec ces bâtiments:

    Assemblée (Culte, Restaurant, Théâtre), Bureau, Civique (Loisir), Éducatif, Usine/Industriel, Gouvernement, Hôtel/Motel, Institutionnel, Commercial (Détail), Usage mixte, Multifamilial (Appartements, Condos), Logement étudiant, Résidentiel Innovant Personnalisé

  • A de l'expérience avec ces matériaux:

    Bois massif, Bois lamellé-croisé, Bois Lamellé-Collé, Charpente en bois / Poteau et poutre, Platelage en bois lourd, Hybride, Bois composite structurel, Lumière-Cadre, poutres en I, Bois de construction, Fermes à âme ouverte, Panneaux structuraux en bois

  • A de l'expérience dans les différents types de construction:

    I-A, I-B, II-A, II-B, III-A, III-B, IV-B, IV-C, IV-HT, V-A, V-B

Les personnes qui travaillent ici:

McNamara • Salvia brings award-winning creativity, innovation, and experience in structural design to a wide variety of project types. Operating in 16 market sectors, our expertise spans the nation reaching from all areas of New York and New England, to the high-seismic regions of Las Vegas and California, to the hurricane climate of South Florida. We are licensed to practice engineering in over 40 states. Our combination of local knowledge with global expertise allows us to bring innovative new ideas to projects while understanding local construction practices.

At McNamara • Salvia, our motto is: "Creative to the Core" and we live it every day by bringing experience, creative thinking, and a practical approach to all of our projects.

The process is collaborative, ensuring both creativity and value engineering from the beginning. Architectural, developer, and institutional clients view the McNamara • Salvia team as a trusted partner rather than simply a design consultant. With more than 95% of our business from returning clients and referrals, our credibility is represented by our clients.

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Marieta Denver

Denver, CO

Statehouse Arena

Tallahassee, FL

Union on Frank

Tuscaloosa, AL

Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment - Building M

Boston, MA

69 A Street

Boston, MA