• L'industrie

    Partenaire fabricant

  • A de l'expérience avec ces bâtiments:

    Assemblée (Culte, Restaurant, Théâtre), Bureau, Civique (Loisir), Éducatif, Usine/Industriel, Gouvernement, Hôtel/Motel, Institutionnel, Commercial (Détail), Usage mixte, Multifamilial (Appartements, Condos), Logement étudiant, Transport (aéroports, gares ou stations de métro)

  • A de l'expérience avec ces matériaux:

    Charpente en bois / Poteau et poutre, Hybride, Bois composite structurel, Lumière-Cadre, Bois de construction, Panneaux structuraux en bois

  • A de l'expérience dans les différents types de construction:

    I-A, I-B, II-A, II-B, III-A, III-B, IV-HT, V-A, V-B

West Fraser is a diversified wood products company with more than 60 facilities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. From responsibly sourced and sustainably managed forest resources, we produce lumber, engineered wood (OSB, LVL, MDF, plywood, particleboard), and other products including pulp, newsprint, wood chips, and renewable energy. Our products are used in home construction, repair and remodeling, industrial applications, papers, tissue and box materials.

Products & Services
Oriented strand board (OSB)
Panels - MDF, particleboard and plywood
Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
Operating Locations
Canadian Corporate Office

Vancouver, BC

Toronto Corporate Office

Toronto, Ontario

Sales Contacts
Geoff Angle

Field Services and Product Management


[email protected]