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State of Massachusetts Public-Use Airport Buildings

Beverly, MA
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    Mass Timber

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The new Beverly airport is a prototype for the upgrade of 13 regional airports across the state of Massachusetts. Wood was chosen as a unifying element, designed to marry sustainability with structural and visual considerations. Glulam beams and cross-laminated timber panels form a split roof sloped in two directions. In addition to the beauty and durability of these materials, architects can customize the angles of the roof planes for each airport, to optimize the slope of the main roof for solar panel installation, and manage sun exposure by adjusting the angle of the lower portion. Inside, an exposed wood ceiling with varying roof planes creates a light-filled lobby. Logistically, the glulam and CLT roof system simplified construction; installation of the Beverly airport was completed in days. By combining wood’s inherent insulation value with roof insulation, the design is expected to benefit each airport location through lower heating costs in winter, resulting in an overall program of economically and environmentally-sustainable wood buildings.

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    Assembly (Worship, Restaurant, Theater)

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    Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)

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