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Rhode Island School of Design North Hall

Providence, RI
  • Bldg system


  • No. Of Stories


  • Sq. footage


For this six-story residence hall at RISD, the design team chose a hybrid system of CLT floor and ceiling panels supported by steel framing to achieve goals that included beautiful design, environmental sustainability, and an aggressive construction schedule. Exposed CLT ceilings add beauty while echoing themes of sustainability that students experience as part of the school’s curriculum. In addition to reducing the project’s carbon footprint through the use of CLT, the new hall is expected to use a quarter less energy and less than half the water of a typical residential structure of similar size. The system also provided a schedule advantage. Working closely with the fabricator, the team optimized the layout of panels to minimize erection time. Five-ply panels were manufactured in 8-by-50-foot spans—allowing a single panel to span the building’s width. The erector exceeded expectations by completing the superstructure in less than three weeks. By prioritizing innovation and working to achieve a shared vision, the RISD project team successfully brought the first hybrid CLT-steel residence hall in New England to life.

  • Construction Cost:

    $25 Million

  • Construction Type:


  • Building Type:

    Student Housing

  • Material Types:

    Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), Heavy Timber Decking, Hybrid (wood with steel or concrete)

Companies Involved:


  • AAA Sprinker Co.

    Fire Protection Engineer

  • Environmental Systems, Inc.

    Mechanical Engineer

  • ODEH Engineers, Inc

    Structural Engineer

  • Shawmut Design & Construction

    General Contractor

  • Rhode Island School of Design


  • Starlite Building Services

    Timber Installer/Framer

  • HB Welding

    Steel Erector

Individuals Involved:
  • Arthur Chang


  • Paul Kuehnel, PE

    Project Manager / Structural Engineer

  • David J. Odeh


  • Chris Maury

    General Contractor

  • Gary Shaw

    Timber Installer