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Janicki Industries Building 10

Hamilton, WA
  • Bldg system

    Mass Timber

  • No. Of Stories


  • Sq. footage


Janicki Industries had landed a deal to manufacture advanced composite materials for an important aerospace and defense contract, and so needed a new building. But steel delays would have kept them from meeting their deadline to begin work. Janicki’s president, a former architect himself, decided to switch to mass timber, reaping the benefits of both speed and sustainability.

Every design decision from that moment was made to further accelerate the project, which was completed within 18 months. The timber supplier quickly sourcing the 2.215 million board feet of lumber needed, and then manufactured the glulam beams and columns as well as the CLT and GLT panels for the attached two-story office. Janicki’s own employees even fabricated the huge mass timber trusses to keep construction on schedule.

The decision to use mass timber also benefited Pacific Northwest forests. Because the trees used to create the mass timber components were selectively harvested from 285 acres of crowded, overstocked forests, the project helped reduce wildfire hazards while promoting healthy forest growth.

The project features:

- 2 acres of roof dedicated to solar
- 130,000 SF 1sft floor footprint
- 13,000 SF first-floor office space
- 48,000 SF 2nd floor office space
- 7,000 SF 2nd Floor Manufacturing Mezzanines.
- 102ft and 80ft Mass timber Trusses
- 55ft tall Concrete tilt wall lateral system
- Wood shear wall lateral system
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  • Construction Type:


  • Building Type:

    Factory/Industrial (warehouse, storage, parking, etc.)

  • Material Types:

    Mass Timber, Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT or glulam), Timber-Frame / Post and Beam

Companies Involved:
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