Reimagining The A-Frame

Snoqualmie, WA

Buildhouse reimagined the traditional A-frame cabin, seeking to transcend its historically humble depiction, defy traditional building and design assumptions, and create an eye-catching, contemporary A-frame cabin that would harmonize with the surrounding terrain.Located in Washington’s mountainous Snoqualmie Pass, building the cabin before wintery conditions would stall construction was a primary concern. Buildhouse chose MPP for the walls of the A-frame. The panels were on average 5 1/8" thick x 7'10" wide x 31' long and weighed approximately 3,825 pounds each. The panels were pre-cut with a CNC machine to easily fit together and were ready to install upon delivery. In two days, with the use of a crane, the 1,721-square-foot structure was assembled, optimizing the building timeline and decreasing environmental impact. In keeping with the broad vision of the project, the architecture and design firm recommended finishing the exposed wood to create a  warm and natural ambiance. Lending to its minimalist design, the exposed Douglas fir finishes of the steep, MPP roof-lines over the living room were extended into the bedrooms. Black iron brackets and the black wood stove create a contemporary feel and contrast nicely with the wooden support beams.

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  • Project uploaded by WoodWorks on 02-03-2022
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    Mass Timber

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    Custom Innovative Residential

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    Mass Timber
    Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)

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  • Project uploaded by WoodWorks on 02-03-2022
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