• Industry


  • Services offered

    Architect, Partner, Project Manager, Project Designer

  • Has Experience with these building types:

    Business (Office), Civic (Recreational), Educational, Government, Institutional

  • Has Experience with these material types:

    Mass Timber, Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), Dowel-Laminated Timber (DLT), Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT or glulam), Hybrid (wood with steel or concrete), Structural Composite Lumber (e.g. LVL and LSL), Light-Frame, I-joists, Wood structural panels

  • Has experience with these construction types:

    II-A, IV-A, V-A, V-B

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Ian Gelbrich is a partner and a design lead at FFA Architecture and Interiors (FFA) based in Portland, Oregon. FFA works across the Northwest region developing innovative solutions at the intersection of sustainability, resilience, and equity. Ian has a deep interest in practical sustainable strategies, regional materials and methods, and facilitation of community engagement. He leads FFA’s exploration of mass timber solutions within municipal architecture particularly on tight public budgets.
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