Marieta Denver

Denver, CO

1717 N Washington Street is a five-story residential building in Denver, Colorado. The 48,000 SF structure features 36 units along with a 7,500 SF parking garage and ground floor retail space. The first story is cast-in-place concrete followed by light frame wood construction above with three CLT cores enclosing the stair and elevator shafts.

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Project Details
  • Year Built


  • Number Of Stories


  • Bldg system

    Innovative Light-Frame

  • Sq. Meters


  • Construction Type:


  • Building Type:

    Multi-Family (Apartments, Condos)

  • Material Types:

    Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)
    Structural Composite Lumber (e.g. LVL and LSL)
    Open-web trusses
    Wood structural panels
    Fasteners / Hardware

Project Team
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