Oregon State University Forest Science Complex

Corvallis, OR

When a building itself is designed to teach, material choices become even more significant. Two buildings comprise Oregon State University’s new Forest Science Complex. Peavy Hall, which houses classrooms, laboratories and informal learning spaces, was built using CLT rocking shear walls with CLT floor panels supported by glulam columns and beams. The unique CLT wall system was designed to self-center during a seismic event and allows for components to be selectively replaced, only as needed, after an earthquake. Sensors installed throughout the building continually gather moisture and structural movement data, which will be used for ongoing research into mass timber structural performance. An atrium, located at the heart of Peavy Hall, features CLT-concrete composite floor panels and towering glulam columns topped by mass plywood panels (MPP)—the first commercial use of this innovative wood product. Nearby, the A.A. “Red” Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory provides space for wood products manufacturing and structural testing. This building is framed with a unique glulam and MPP system designed to meet both high seismic requirements and the long spans needed for the sizeable space.

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  • Project uploaded by WoodWorks Innovation Network on 02-25-2021
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