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    Bureau, Éducatif, Usage mixte, Multifamilial (Appartements, Condos), Logement étudiant

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    Bois massif, Bois lamellé-croisé, Charpente en bois / Poteau et poutre, Platelage en bois lourd, Hybride, Bois composite structurel, Lumière-Cadre, poutres en I

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    III-A, III-B, IV-HT, V-A, V-B

Stonewood Structural Engineers was founded in 2008 by company president, Scott Nyseth, after 13 years of experience in the structural engineering field and multiple years in the construction industry.

Since its creation, Stonewood has gone on to create a name for itself in the wood and concrete industry with founder, Scott Nyseth, a part of both the American Wood Council’s Wood Design Standards Committee and chair member of the SEAO Seismic committee on Cross Laminated Timber involved in writing code for future wood design. We apply an integrated design approach to developing engineering systems that align with the project vision.  Stonewood has earned an excellent reputation for being a reliable partner with owners, contractors, and architects with an emphasis on timely responses and collaborative solutions.

Our work portfolio includes light frame wood affordable housing projects, market rate mixed use residential buildings, post tensioned slabs, heavy timber construction, contractor design support, rehabilitation of existing buildings, and unique heavy timber structures throughout the west coast.
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