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    Engineer - Fire, Code consulting, Fire and Life Safety, Performance-based design, Timber fire engineering

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    Assemblée (Culte, Restaurant, Théâtre), Bureau, Civique (Loisir), Éducatif, Usine/Industriel, Gouvernement, Hôtel/Motel, Institutionnel, Commercial (Détail), Usage mixte, Multifamilial (Appartements, Condos), Logement étudiant, Transport (aéroports, gares ou stations de métro)

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    Bois massif, Bois lamellé-croisé, Bois Lamellé Cloué, Bois Lamellé Goujon, Bois Lamellé-Collé, Charpente en bois / Poteau et poutre, Platelage en bois lourd, Hybride, Bois composite structurel, Systèmes composites bois-béton, Lumière-Cadre

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    I-A, I-B, II-A, II-B, III-A, III-B, IV-A, IV-B, IV-C, IV-HT, V-A, V-B



With over 18 years of international experience in performance-based fire safety design, Bevan has led a vast array of projects ranging from residential design to large-scale infrastructure projects. As Principal, Bevan advises clients on alternative strategies to meet the project and stakeholder needs, while meeting legislative demands.

Working with owners and project teams, Bevan crafts fire engineering designs which keep the architectural intent, allowing historic fabric to remain visually unaltered and finding solutions to difficult code requirements including egress fire separation. He enjoys the challenge of applying first-principle-design, holistically, to achieve a practical and efficient solution, through a transparent process with the design team and authorities. Bevan supports his alternative strategies with metrics from fire modeling, computational analysis and industry research.




Innovative Light-Frame and Mass Timber Project Portfolio:
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Google Borregas

Sunnyvale, CA

The Lighthouse

South San Francisco, CA

Cakebread Cellars

Rutherford, CA

California College of the Arts - Double Ground

San Francisco, CA

Microsoft Silicon Valley

Mountain View, CA

Kresge College Renewal at UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA
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