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David Impson is a Vice President and Principal of Britt, Peters and Associates responsible for the development of the overall technical expertise of the firm. David is associated with a variety of impressive projects and brings an innovative approach to the design of all structural systems. David has recently developed expertise in Mass Timber and Modular construction. David is actively involved in the Wood Utilization and Design Institute at Clemson University, and he has been involved with a variety of educational presentations related to Mass Timber throughout the Southeast.

David’s broad expertise includes the development of complete structural systems of all construction materials for major commercial, educational and healthcare buildings, as well as long-span vibration analysis and three-dimensional structural modeling.

Innovative Light-Frame and Mass Timber Project Portfolio:
Projets Filtered By:

University of Pennsylvania Stouffer Hall

Philadelphia, PA

Cape May Airport Terminal Building

Lower Township, NJ

Winchester Regional Airport Terminal

Winchester, VA


Charlotte, NC

Clemson Forestry and Environmental Conservation Building

Clemson, SC


Hancock, ME

Packer Collegiate Institute Garden House Expansion

Brooklyn, NY

Brookhaven City Hall

Atlanta, GA

Griffith Veterinary Hospital

Westland, MI

Atrium at Fountains

Murfreesboro, TN

Adelaide Point Mixed Use

Muskegon, MI

Clemson Alumni and Visitor’s Center

Clemson, SC

Echo Street West

Atlanta, GA

The Joinery–1816 N. Brevard

Charlotte, NC

The Joinery–420 E. 22nd St.

Charlotte, NC

William A. Floyd Amphitheater

Anderson, SC

4 Roots Regenerative Urban Farm Campus

Orlando, FL

Auburn Hey Day Market Food Hall

Auburn, AL


Miami, FL

WestLawn at Bull Street

Columbia, SC

Isle of Palms Residence

Isle of Palms, SC

Royal Bliss Brewery

Denver, NC

Calvary Chapel

Chattanooga, TN

Judson Mill

Greenville, SC

Rex Lumber

Troy, AL

Clemson Samuel Cadden Chapel

Clemson, SC


Spartanburg, SC

2120 S. Tryon

Charlotte, NC

Andy Quattlebaum Outdoor Education Center - Clemson University

Seneca, SC

The Continuum

Lake City, SC
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