• L'industrie

    Partenaire fabricant

  • A de l'expérience avec ces bâtiments:

    Assemblée (Culte, Restaurant, Théâtre), Bureau, Civique (Loisir), Éducatif, Usine/Industriel, Gouvernement, Hôtel/Motel, Institutionnel, Commercial (Détail), Usage mixte, Multifamilial (Appartements, Condos), Logement étudiant, Transport (aéroports, gares ou stations de métro), Résidentiel Innovant Personnalisé

  • A de l'expérience avec ces matériaux:

    Bois massif, Hybride, Fixations / Quincaillerie

  • A de l'expérience dans les différents types de construction:

    I-A, I-B, II-A, II-B, III-A, III-B, IV-A, IV-B, IV-C, IV-HT, V-A, V-B

We are a creator of architectural and engineered components, and a resource to the rapidly evolving construction industry within light frame and mass timber, panelized and modular, energy efficiency and custom homes. The Rothoblaas range of products covers fasteners and connectors, building envelope and acoustic solutions, worker safety and tools. By utilizing our standardized components, design professionals create economies of scale and cost-effective processes resulting in less labor costs, reduced energy usage, plus safe and efficient buildings.

With innovation at our core and a local presence from coast to coast, we enable the building industry to push the boundaries on all stages of design and construction.

Field team throughout the US, find the sales rep closest to you: https://www.rothoblaas.com/contacts
Products & Services
Fasteners and Connectors
Airtightness and Waterproofing
Soundproofing and Acoustics
Safety and Fall Protection
Tools and Machines
Operating Locations

Orefield, PA


Quebec, QC

Sales Contacts
Hannes Blaas

Area Manager Southeast

[email protected]

Bill Broderick

Area Manager Midwest

[email protected]

Jim Muhaw

Area Manager Northeast

[email protected]

Thomas Grindler

Area Manager Southwest

[email protected]

Marek Hyben

Area Manager Northwest

[email protected]

Carsten Schwark

Area Manager Western Provinces

[email protected]

Francois-Laurent Chabot

Area Manager Eastern Provinces

[email protected]